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Introduction (CHI SIAMO)
SICHER di Nadia Cardinali, unique in Italy, offers a wide range of items for preservation, exhibition and collection of different kinds of objects such as plastic box cases of different sizes, gems boxes, acrylic/plastic/brass and metal stands, plastiline, plastic cases and several of other products. We also offer technical instruments and equipments dedicated to the study and the research of the naturalistic and industrial fields.
We started our activity in 1985 by dealing with gems and minerals’ collectors; afterwards our range of products was enlarged to match other collector’s requests. In 1997 we acquired the company Brefin srl, a company specialized in producing acrylic stands, bases and blocks.
In the last years our business grew up, due to the reliability and confidence we gained on the market; our web site contributed to our growth by pushing us towards new commercial contacts. Presently we supply wholesalers, retailers, private collectors as well as museums and universities, in Italy and abroad.

Terms and conditions (CONDIZIONI DI VENDITA)
The prices listed on our web are ex-factory San Giuliano Milanese – MI - Italy, taxes excluded.
Prices could be changed without notice. We send the goods by postal service or our carrier; we will choose the cheapest way in according to the country of destination.
About the payment of the goods, we demand its in advance by bank transfer. We don’t accept the payment by credit card.

The minimum order to arrange a delivery abroad is € 60.00, taxes and transport excluded.
We do not ship in Switzerland.
We always reply to inquiries by sending an estimate of the order to let the customer evaluates it; we arrange the delivery only after confirmation is received. To avoid delivery cost, the customer could book the merchandise by mail or fax and pick it up at Italian shows where we exhibit; a list of the shows can be found at the link named "MANIFESTAZIONI".

Returns will be accepted only within 10 days from the receipt of the goods and after our previous authorisation by using the original outer carton. Please, pack the items in order to survive the trip.
Protection of persons and other subjects with respect to treatment of personal data, according to article 10 of Italian law 675/96.
According to this law, Sicher di Nadia Cardinali assures that the personal data will be treated respecting the law, only for purpose of permitting us a correct business service and for the development of our fiscal report; the person who issues an order consents to the use of personal data for commercial, fiscal and administrative purposes pertinent to our business activity.

Sicher web site’s Guide

Our web site is composed by two windows/frames: on the left side you always find the link's list, on the right side the link’s content.
The link named “CHI SIAMO”, introduces visitors to our company; the one named “CONTATTI” indicates how to reach us by e-mail, fax and telephone. To get all the indications about terms and delivery, we invite visitors to read “CONDIZIONI DI VENDITA”.
Running over the list of items on the left side, by clicking on each link, visitors will find photos, schedules showing sizes and prices of each item. In order to trace the product you need, Sicher provides the visitors of an English list of our items.

English list of products

Scatole plastica = Plastic box cases with black/white bases
Scatole plastica trasparenti = Plastic box transparent cases
Scatole plastica con feltrino = Plastic cases filled with felt-topped sponge/velvet
Scatole plastica con lente = Trasparent plastic boxes with built-in magnifying lens
Plastilina = Plastiline
Etichette = Adhesive labels
Scatole per gemme = Gems boxes glass lid/top and velvet inside
Espositori e vassoi per gemme = Gems/rings cases and trays
Contenitori plastica a scomparti = Plastic cases in sections
Contenitori di cartone = Empty carton boxes and small carton cases
Sacchetti con cerniera = LDPE plain zipper plastic bags
Supporti plastica = Plastic stands
Supporti metallo = Metal stands
Lampade UV = UV lamps
Pinze per gemme = Diamond grips and gems tweezers
Portatarghette = Sign clips (handy acrylic sign clips)
Basette e cubi plexy = Acrylic Display blocks and bases
Supporti plexy = Acrilyc stands/standard three-sided risers (squared and long risers)/ Step stairs (two.threes steps)

SICHER di Nadia Cardinali - San Giuliano Milanese - PI 06383930960 - Codice SDI M5UXCR1 - N. REA MI-1892227
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